7 everyday uses for CRC 5-56 spray lubricant

Here in Australia, we are excited to bring our super-popular CRC 5-56 spray lubricant to the domestic market. For years, CRC 5-56 has been trusted by businesses around Australia and beyond for a variety of tasks in industrial settings, however, now the product has been adapted for more practical use around the home thanks to the addition of our new-look can with permastraw technology.

Often referred to as a toolkit in a can, CRC 5-56 is a multi-purpose spray lubricant that can perform a huge variety of jobs, helping to penetrate, lubricate, and prevent corrosion.

It forms a thin dry film that lubricates moving parts for smooth action and silences annoying squeaks and squeals. Superior penetrating power breaks through rust and corrosion, loosens rusted parts, displaces water from wet equipment, and cleans away scale and dirt. It protects metals from corrosion caused by humidity, salt air, and other corrosive atmospheres.

Conditions in Australia can be tough. Whether you are close to the coast or are in-land, sea salt and dry, arid conditions can seriously impact machinery, tools, your vehicle, and other appliances around the home and garden.

CRC 5-56 is safe for all metal surfaces and alloys and on most painted surfaces, coatings, plastics, and rubbers.

Our new-look CRC 5-56 with perma-straw technology just made household tasks a breeze. The permastraw technology is designed for precision application and will penetrate rust and corrosion, helping to form a protective barrier against moisture, and lubricating parts to silence annoying squeaks and squeals.

As you might imagine, this multi-purpose toolkit in a can has a wide range of applications and should be a feature of any garage of shed across Australia. Here are seven everyday uses of CRC 5-56 around the home.

1.    Lubricate moving parts

One of the main applications of CRC5-56 in industrial environments is for lubricating moving parts and this is no different around the home. From door locks and hinges to sliding doors and windows to scissors and zippers, CRC 5-56 can help to get moving parts moving smoothly again.

For cyclists, CRC is a must. From lubricating cranks and chains to smoothing out the brakes, CRC 5-56 is the perfect product for keeping your bike in tip-top condition all year round. As well as helping to lubricate, it will also provide a protective layer against rust and corrosion which is great if you cycle through all weather.

2.    Silence annoying squeaks and squeals

Fed up with that squeaking shower door? Annoyed by your squealing golf trundler? CRC 5-56 is here to help. As well as helping to lubricate and restore a smooth action, CRC 5-56 will also help to eliminate annoying squeaks and squeals from almost any items or appliance.

The new permastraw technology will also allow you to pinpoint the cause of the squeak or squeal and target this area directly, reducing wastage and helping you to target the problem area.

3.    Break through rust and corrosion

It happens to the best of us. Despite our best intentions, outdoor furniture gets left outside over the winter and when we come to inspect it in the spring, rust and corrosion has started to form. Thankfully, CRC 5-56 is great for penetrating rust and corrosion, helping to break it down and free up parts that might be bonded by dirt or scale.

Common applications include outdoor umbrellas, BBQs, outdoor furniture, and washing lines. Simply target the rusted area using the permastraw and watch as the rust and corrosion starts to break down. Then wipe away and watch how the mechanism is freed up and can move smoothly once again.

4.    Loosen rusted parts

Rust can cause all sorts of problems around the home. Not only is it unsightly, and if left unchecked, can cause permanent corrosion, but it also jams up moving parts. As the rust forms around a moving part, such as the screw used to attach your outdoor umbrella to its stand, it prevents the screw from turning and in many cases, it feels like that screw will never turn again.

Up steps CRC 5-56. Simply spray the screw, using the permastraw targeting, and leave for 5-10 minutes whilst it works its magic. You will see how the rust starts to break down and you should be able to get the screw moving once again. This can be applied to any moving part that has rusted over and as well as helping to get things moving again, CRC 5-56 will also form a protective barrier against further rusting in the future.

5.    Displace water from wet equipment (including engines)

As our cars get older, they tend to become more susceptible to damp conditions. Moisture seeps into various parts of the engine, and over time, this can cause issues with starting the engine.

As well as keeping a can of CRC 5-56 in your garage or shed, it’s also a good idea to keep one in the car for these types of situations. 5-56 is great at displacing moisture, helping to dry out the area and make starting your engine much easier.

This applies to anything that won’t perform when wet, displacing water out of electrical and ignition systems and eliminating the need for disassembly.

Similarly to how it will help to prevent rust, applying CRC 5-56 to wet engines or electrical systems will also provide a protective barrier, helping to prevent trouble before it starts. When applied, a protective seal is formed that keeps out moisture.

6.    Cleans away scale and dirt (including tar from cars)

Because CRC 5-56 can be used on a huge variety of surfaces including metals, allows, coatings, plastics, and most painted surfaces it is very handy when it comes to cleaning stubborn stains and marks from vehicles.

One of the most common things it can be used on is tar spots that appear on cars, especially in the hot weather. These specs of tar often get splattered on the lower section of your vehicle, around the wheels and are extremely difficult to remove with soap and water.

Instead, spray on some CRC 5-56 and watch as the tar starts to dissolve, whilst causing no issues to your paintwork. Leave for a couple of minutes and then simply wipe away.

It can also be used on other stubborn stains, especially grease and oil marks as it helps to break down the grease and oil, making it much easier to wipe clean

7.    Protects metals from corrosion caused by humidity and salt air

CRC 5-56 spray lubricant is also the ideal product for preventative maintenance programmes, as an environmental shield, eliminating breakdowns due to poor environmental exposure such as high humidity/salt air, for lubrication of contacts.

This will help to protect a huge range of appliances, tools, and outdoor furniture around the home, increasing the overall life expectancy of those items.

No matter where you live in Australia, the environment can be harsh and whilst CRC 5-56 is great at tackling issues after they happen, it is even better when used in a preventative capacity to stop issues before the develop.

Use CRC 5-56 as part of an on-going maintenance programme to protect against corrosion on a huge range of items including electrical, cars and vehicles, home, and leisure.

Find out more about CRC 5-56 with permastraw technology, including details on where you can pick up a can here in Australia – part of our lubricants and penetrants range at CRC Australia.

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