Amazing uses for silicone spray that you haven’t thought of

Amazing uses for silicone spray that you haven’t thought of

Silicone spray can be used for a wide range of things both in and around the home, as well as in industrial, automotive, and sporting environments. Given its versatility, it’s handy to have around and many people have a can of spray silicone in their car, shed, and house for when it’s needed.

CRC are experts in silicone applications. Here we discuss what silicone lubricant is used for, how it works, and when it should be used.

What is silicone spray?

Silicone spray helps objects that are affected by rust or have stiffened over time, to move freely. It does this by reducing the friction between surfaces. It can be used like oil, except it has some advantages. Silicone lubricant spray is non-reactive to most substances, maintains its greasiness in extreme temperature conditions, and doesn’t oxidise. It’s also water-resistant and allows you to lubricate those hard-to-reach places like moving parts in machinery, including bearings.

Silicone spray lubricant is suitable for metal, plastic, rubber, vinyl, wood, nylon and many other materials. Most quality silicone lubricants, including CRC 808 Silicone, are designed to respond well to extreme weather conditions, including extreme heat and freezing conditions. They can also repel water, meaning they protect items that are vulnerable to rusting.

What is silicone spray used for?

Silicone lubricant is used in many industries, including automotive and industrial. The spray is perfect for rust affected areas in and around the house too.

If you’re looking for a market-leading silicone spray, consider CRC 808 Silicone. It’s a multi-purpose silicone spray used for general lubrication. When used, it leaves a thin, clear, and odourless film that lubricates, waterproofs, and revives without damaging treated surfaces or leaving marks and stains. It is also an excellent mould release.

Some common uses of CRC 808 Silicone

Silicone spray for automotive use

Silicone spray can be used on various parts of a vehicle. For example, CRC 808 can be used to lubricate door locks, hinges, linkages, window guides, and bushes. It preserves and protects rubber mouldings, weather strips, grommets, o-rings, rubber seals, dashboards, door mouldings, plastic parts, and mountings.

If your seatbelts and seat belt guides are getting a little difficult to use, or are releasing too slowly, a little silicone spray can help. Spray it onto the extended belt and allow some time for it to react before feeding it back in.

Silicone spray also restores the appearance of your tyres and prevents dead bugs from accumulating on bumpers and grilles, where more specialised solvent-based restorers aren’t suitable. You can also use it to refresh the colour of most plastic and rubber components and to waterproof ignition systems.

Silicone lubricant for industrial use

Silicone lubricant spray can be used in various industrial industries. CRC 808 Silicone spray reduces friction and lubricates across a wide range of temperatures and pressures. That makes it an ideal silicone lubricant spray for freezing chamber and furnace applications.

CRC 808 Silicone spray is ideal for use on studs, bolts and nuts, hoists, tracks, lifting gear and blocks, pumps, compressors, conveyor rollers, and shutters. CRC 808 also has excellent mould release properties and is a good parting agent and machine bed lubricant.

Silicone spray for use in sport

Silicone lubricant spray is great for weatherproofing and waterproofing sports and outdoors equipment. The best part of silicone lubricant is that it waterproofs without staining and it can be used on tents, groundsheets, boots, duffle and golf bags.

It also provides unequalled lubrication on ski equipment, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, roller skates, golf trundlers and all yacht rigging gear. This makes it a must-have for any shed or garage. You can also use it to eliminate messy greases and oils.

Silicone spray for the home

There are plenty of uses for silicone lubricant spray around the home. CRC 808 Silicone is an ideal lubricant for sliding doors, locks, catches, curtain and shower tracks, drawer slides, castors, hinges, plastic rollers, sewing and knitting machine parts and slides, zip fasteners, model trains, cars and children’s toys, automatic pool cleaners, garden and workshop tools and equipment. In fact, if you have anything that’s sticking or not working as well as it should – simply reach for a can of CRC 808!

How CRC 808 Silicone Spray can help you

CRC 808 Silicone Spray is perfect for a wide range of everyday tasks and is the most practical of our silicone sprays for most households. Find out more about CRC 808 Silicone spray or look out for it at your nearest hardware store.

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