Anton Improves On Ipswich-Best

Penrite Racing was denied a double top ten at Queensland Raceway today, though youngster Anton De Pasquale still improved his best Ipswich effort with 11th.

At the start of the race, it was David Reynolds who got a blistering start from the fifth row and moved into 8thplace; firing past a slow Percat who seemed to have stalled on the grid.

Anton, a little bit slower off the line, fell back to 15thby the end of the opening lap but was on the move.

The #99 driver quickly stole 14thfrom James Golding; before sliding past Scott Pye and Lee Holdsworth for 12th.

Fabian Coulthard was the next one in his sights and on lap 10 it was game on.

Anton moved up the outside of the #12 on the run from Turns 3 to 4, and with the pressure on, Fabian locked brakes while on the defensive, resulting in contact at Turn 4.

Anton ran off onto the dirt but re-joined the track in P15 before taking his first pit stop on lap 16.

Now up to third on the road, David pit for his first stop at the end of lap 20.

As the field settled into their second stint, David sat just ahead of teammate Anton in 13th.

With strength in numbers, the two moved through the pack, making their way to 10thand 11thbefore making their final stops for the run home.

Anton took his final load of fuel and set of rubber at the end of lap 37, while David took control of the race.

He was the second last to pit on lap 42 and it should have been enough for his run home, but unfortunately a fuel-flow issue would see him come back through the lane one more time.

The #9 driver returned to the pits for a quick splash and dash, taking just 1-litre of fuel, before a four-lap sprint to the finish.

Anton made his way to ninth by lap 65, though was pushed wide on the last turn, managing 11thby the checkered flag, David behind in P21.

DAVID REYNOLDS – Started: 10th, Finished: 21st

“The car we had this weekend didn’t make a lot of sense and I kept get different feelings, so it was hard to get the most out of it. I got a really good start in the race, Percat stalled in front of me so I had to get around pretty quick. I was having a few really good battles then I realised a couple of laps in that my car probably wasn’t the fastest so I conserved the tyres as much as I could, and we took two long stints. It wasn’t to be though; the last stop didn’t work out for us by 2-seconds worth of fuel and that ruined our day. I feel really bad for the crew as we’re all disappointed; we are all trying so hard and we’ll bounce back at Tailem Bend.”

ANTON DE PASQUALE – Started: 13th, Finished: 11th

“We had a big swing at the car today; it got us through to Qualifying 2 but then we didn’t maximise it, so we dropped out of the top ten. From there the race car was fairly good though. I had another average start but then passed a fair few cars to get back through the pack. There were a couple incidents; Fabian and I came together which took us both off the road, and I lost a heap of spots, then another on the last lap. We fought our way back to 11thby the end, though we would have been in for a pretty good result well inside the top ten if those things hadn’t have happened.”

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