25 June 2021 : CRC Industries is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its flagship brand, CRC BRAKLEEN®, the original aerosol brake parts cleaner. CRC is a leading global manufacturer of specialty products and formulations for maintenance and repair professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Since its launch in 1971, BRAKLEEN has been the most trusted solution in the brake cleaner category and the number one selling brand worldwide.

As far back as the days of the Model-T, auto service professionals struggled to remove oil, brake dust build-up, and grime from brake parts. From soaking parts in buckets of detergents, to cleaning parts with gasoline, available cleaning methods were slow, dirty, and tedious. With the invention of BRAKLEEN, CRC introduced a highly effective aerosolised solution that allowed technicians to clean components in place without disassembling brake parts, making the job faster, better, and more efficient.

According to Perry Cozzone, CEO of CRC Industries, “BRAKLEEN was truly a revolutionary product. It provided an innovative solution to an everyday problem, creating a new category in the market. Fifty years later, BRAKLEEN has remained the most trusted brand in that category and grown to become the number one brand worldwide.” Cozzone added, “CRC has a rich history of innovation and a core focus on identifying the unmet needs of our customers. BRAKLEEN is one example of our many first-to-market industry-leading solutions.”

Since 1971, CRC has continued to innovate the product line to meet the evolving needs of consumers everywhere. Six unique BRAKLEEN formulations are available in Australia, the original BRAKLEEN, BRAKLEEN Non-Flammable, BRAKLEEN Force and BRAKLEEN Non-Chlorinated, all designed to maximize performance and assist with user safety.

The latest addition to the BRAKLEEN family is the recently launched BRAKLEEN Water Based, featuring a water-based formula that is pH Neutral, biodegradable, degreaser that provides a powerful, safe on the user & the environment cleaning experience. It is ideal for heavily regulated industries.

ABOUT CRC Industries (Australia) Pty Ltd: CRC is a recognised supplier of professional quality aerosol and bulk lubricants, cleaners, anti-corrosion and maintenance & repair operation products. The company prides itself as being the leader in product quality, performance and regulatory compliance. CRC’s innovative research and development team continually develops new and improved products for clients to do their job faster, easier and safer. CRC Industries’ on-site manufacturing of products allows control of all production processes. All raw materials and finished good are subject to stringent testing by the company’s quality control department. Lot sampling guarantees the customer consistent quality and performance. When specifying CRC products, each customer can be assured of getting a product that surpasses all maintenance and repair industries’ highest standards of environment, performance and safety – because first it must meet ours.

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