Choosing the right adhesive for the job

Before getting ‘stuck’ in a ‘sticky’ situation, you should first consider the following when using adhesives:

1. Compatible with the materials you need to put together: Some adhesives specialise with specific materials and using the wrong one can result in damage to the material, excess spillage on non- flat surfaces and an ineffective bond. Our CRC Adhesive Range offers coverage across a wide variety of different surfaces for every professional- F2, Multi Purpose Spray, Ultra High Strength and MS High Performance sealant: Most substrates. F3: Vertical and non-porous. PVC Pipe Cement: Pipes, guttering, waste, vent pipe fittings and conduit systems.

2. Surrounding conditions: you will also have to consider the conditions such as the ambient temperature (minimum and maximum), the moisture content, UV exposure, exposure to chemicals such as detergents or acids and dust that could affect the bonding quality.

3. Compatible with the stress: You will also need to verify if the adhesive you choose is compatible with the stress it will be put under (permanent load, vibration, shock, shear, bending, etc.) and in particular its resistance to peeling (tensile strength).

4. Permanent OR To Be Removed Later? You should also consider whether what you are putting together should be able to be taken apart or not. But what if I want to remove an existing adhesive or paint? NEVER FEAR! If you find yourself in a situation where removal is required our CRC Stuff Off AND Peel off has you covered.

5. The Working Time: You must also take into account the working time, i.e. the time during which it is possible to modify the position of the elements you are gluing together, and the final setting time, i.e. the time you will have to wait before the assembly can be used under normal conditions. As a general rule, two-component adhesives have a shorter working time and shorter final setting time than single-component adhesives.

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