CRC Industries has introduced a new NSF A1-rated CRC Food Grade Bio Degreaser which expands its leading CRC GREENLIGHT Food Safe Program range.

CRC Food Grade Bio Degreaser is an extra heavy-duty cleaner formulated to penetrate and dissolve tough grease, oil and contaminants for easy removal – safely.

CRC Industries Australia Managing Director, Shona Fitzgerald, said the product had been scientifically formulated for use in food processing applications.

“We are very pleased to be launching CRC Food Grade Bio Degreaser in the Australian market. It is a unique product which combines outstanding high-performance cleaning and degreasing qualities while being composed entirely of ingredients which meet NSF A1 requirements,’’ Mrs Fitzgerald said.

“At CRC we understand the food industry, whether growing, producing, processing or packaging, requires the most stringent conformity of compliance.

“We also understand that a range of maintenance products is no longer enough and that is why we have not only developed our Food Grade range which is manufactured to the same high standards that have made CRC a worldwide leader in MRO maintenance, but we have also developed our exclusive CRC GREENLIGHT Food Safe Program to reduce the risk of incident when conducting maintenance during production.

Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, pH balanced and water soluble; the CRC Food Grade Bio Degreaser’s advanced formula is powerful but non-abrasive, non-corrosive and solvent-free.

The product can be used confidently on all metals and alloys and will not damage bright metals including aluminium and brass. It is safe for use on fibreglass, glass, plastics, rubber, painted surfaces and laminates. It is also gentle on the environment with all ingredients readily decomposable.

“This product has been specially formulated to penetrate and dissolve tough grease, oil and contaminants for easy removal – with a focus on personal and environmental safety,” Mrs Fitzgerald said.

“These properties make it ideal for use in many applications especially where there are regulations or restrictions in place concerning the types of products that can be safely used or allowed.

“It can be used to quickly and effectively clean mechanical equipment motors, tools, benches, walls, floors, filters, grills, drills, grinders, rollers, dies, moulds (injection, plastic, steel, aluminium), chains, conveyers, wire rope, robotics, hoists and more.”

CRC Food Grade Bio Degreaser is available in 5L and 20L bulk containers as well as a 750mL trigger pack.

“The launch our new CRC Food Grade Bio Degreaser is an important milestone for CRC as we remain focussed on adding customer value through extensive research and development, anticipating demand and delivering the right solutions in an ever-changing market, whilst adhering to the strictest protocols for food safety,’’ Mrs Fitzgerald said.

ABOUT CRC Industries (Australia) Pty Ltd:

CRC is a recognised supplier of professional quality aerosol and bulk lubricants, anti-corrosion and chemical maintenance products. The company prides itself as being the leader in product quality, performance and regulatory compliance. CRC’s innovative research and development team continually develops new and improved products for clients to do their job faster, easier and safer. CRC Industries’ on-site manufacturing of products allows control of all production processes. All raw materials and finished good are subject to stringent testing by the company’s quality control department. Lot sampling guarantees the customer consistent quality and performance. When specifying CRC products, each customer can be assured of getting a product that surpasses all maintenance and repair industries’ highest standards of environment, performance and safety.

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