CRC reignites industry leading Brakleen family with non-flammable brake and parts cleaner

CRC Industries has expanded its range of heavy duty mechanical maintenance products with the addition of a non-flammable brake and parts cleaner to its industry-leading Brakleen family.

The new CRC Brakleen NF is a powerful, heavy duty cleaner and degreaser for brake, clutch parts and general mechanical equipment.

CRC Industries Australia Managing Director, Shona Fitzgerald, said the product had been formulated to quickly and safely dissolve and flush away grease, oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, hardened deposits and other contaminants.

“It can perform these functions without the need for disassembly, thereby reducing maintenance costs,’’ Mrs Fitzgerald said.

“CRC Brakleen NF is also perfect for degreasing components prior to reassembly, especially prior to thread locking.

“When sprayed, the break up in the liquid stream assists cleaning by providing surface agitation and maximum wet-out. It is also rubber safe and safe on most automotive plastics.

“Being non-flammable, Brakleen NF also brings obvious safety benefits to heavily OH&S regulated industries,’’ she said.

Other features include being quick cleaning, quick evaporating, non-staining, non-corrosive and silicone free. With its excellent penetration, CRC Brakleen NF helps brakes last longer and perform better, helps eliminate brake squeal and clutch chatter and safely settles and removes potentially hazardous brake dust.

Available in 20 litre bulk containers as well as traditional aerosol spray cans, CRC Brakleen NF joins the trusted Brakleen family consisting of Brakleen, Brakleen Force and Non-Chlorinated Brakleen in delivering superior parts-cleaning technology.

“The launch CRC Brakleen NF an exciting development for the company as we remain focussed on adding customer value through extensive research and development, anticipating demand and delivering the right solutions in an ever-changing market,’’ Mrs Fitzgerald said.

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