Penrite Racing’s David Reynolds and Anton De Pasquale have taken the team’s best Darwin results with second and eighth respectively today at Hidden Valley Raceway.

When the lights went out for the start, third-place sitter David got away well and moved up the inside into second ahead of Fabian Coulthard.

Anton pressured the cars around him from sixth and hung it around the outside, only dropping a spot momentarily before gaining it back before the end of the opening lap.

The field settled as the teams prepared to reveal their pit strategies; Anton headed to pit entry first, taking on tyres and fuel at the end of lap 12.

David made his move for pit lane on lap 19 after enjoying a comfortable second and was brought in for 60-litres of fuel, 15 more than his teammate.

Re-joining behind Shane van Gisbergen, he made a neat move to get past at Turn 5 for fifth of those that had pitted and also claiming Holden’s second spot behind Anton.

They kept going and with David on fresher tyres, they swapped spots on lap 27 before taking their second journey through pit lane.

The final leg of the strategy started to unfold on lap 37; David taking his second and shortest stop, jumping Coulthard and returning 1.3-seconds ahead of the #12.

Anton followed just one lap later and there was trouble on the right-front again, though quick thinking and the fuel fill meant there wasn’t any delay in the lane; the Penrite pair now 2ndand 4thof those that had pit.

David hung onto his second place and silverware until the end of lap 70, but as pit strategies unravelled, Anton dropped to eighth by the checkered flag.

David Reynolds – Started: 3rd, Finished: 2nd

“I am super happy, I had such a great day, from qualifying to the race. I got a good start and ended up second by the first corner, I also tried to have a lunge at Scott but he was too far in front.

“It was going well, and the guys did the best jobs, they had perfect stops and we were the fastest cars in pit lane. My car was much better than it was yesterday, we tuned it up overnight and second was a good result for everyone’s hard work”

Anton De Pasquale – Started: 6th, Finished: 8th

“It was great to get into the Shootout, and we had similar speed to what we had in qualifying which was good enough for where we were.

“In the race we tried to do a couple different things, but we were lacking a little bit of pace compared to the guys we were trying to race. Our tyres life probably wasn’t as good as others as well, but overall it was still another top ten, another good result and good points.”

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