The one test your life could depend on from CRC

Leading supplier of industrial chemicals for maintenance and repair, CRC Industries, is urging Australians to be vigilant about reducing the risk of fatalities caused by house fires.

With approximately 21 deaths, on average, reported each year as a direct result of residential fires across New South Wales alone, CRC says it is imperative residents are doing all they can to minimise danger.

Most house-fire fatalities occur while people are asleep. Smoke alarms are an effective early warning device designed to detect smoke and alert building occupants to the presence of a fire. Installed in the correct locations, they increase the time available for safe escape.

CRC Industries Australia Managing Director, Shona Fitzgerald, said working smoke alarms in conjunction with a written (and regularly practised) home escape plan and common-sense measures such as never leaving cooking unattended, checking electrical appliances and putting screens in front of indoor fireplaces were simple steps people could take to reduce risk.

“At the top of the list, however, is the need for an adequate number of suitable smoke alarms installed throughout your home as per individual State Government guidelines, and to ensure they are monitored and tested regularly.

“A recommended time to change a smoke alarm’s batteries and undertake necessary testing is a date that can be easily remembers such as the start and finish of daylight savings time each year when households are adjusting their clocks.”

As part of its commitment to safety and innovation, CRC has developed an aerosol smoke detector tester designed to save time and lives.

“CRC Smoke Test conveniently tests the functional ability of a smoke detector which can be sprayed whilst standing on the floor, eliminating the need to climb ladders or chairs,’’ Mrs Fitzgerald said.
“It has been designed for use on residential and commercial detectors, simulating smoke to provide a true functional test with no harmful residue.”

In addition, CRC Smoke Test checks for obstructions and debris which clog detector vents preventing smoke from properly entering the sensing chamber – something that pushing a testing button would not identify.

“Its convenient packaging and ease of operation makes testing easy, increasing the likelihood that detectors will be checked on a regular basis,’’ Mrs Fitzgerald said.

CRC Smoke Test is also plastic safe, non-staining and offers superior performance while complying with regulations on use of CFCs.
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ABOUT CRC Industries (Australia) Pty Ltd: CRC is a recognised supplier of professional quality aerosol and bulk lubricants, anti-corrosion and chemical maintenance products. The company prides itself as being the leader in product quality, performance and regulatory compliance. CRC’s innovative research and development team continually develops new and improved products for clients to do their job faster, easier and safer. CRC Industries’ on-site manufacturing of products allows control of all production processes. All raw materials and finished good are subject to stringent testing by the company’s quality control department. Lot sampling guarantees the customer consistent quality and performance. When specifying CRC products, each customer can be assured of getting a product that surpasses all maintenance and repair industries’ highest standards of environment, performance and safety.

Further enquiries: Karen Heidtmann, Marketing Services Manager, CRC Industries: 0411 313 741 Sean Waddington, EGN Media: 0419 855 967

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